Tales of The Broken Order: A Half Elf, Tiefling, and a Dragonborn walk into a Bar

The party tied up the goblin to a tree. Krisage was face to face with the goblin with her dagger at his throat.

“Now listen here you little shit and answer my questions or I’ll cut your throat. Who are you? Who sent you? Who is your boss and what is his name?” Krisage was full of fury and she seemed to be an inch from cutting the goblin’s throat.

“Settle down there, sister.” Althaea placed her hand on Krisage’s shoulder and pulled her back away from the shaking goblin.

“Please, don’t kill Rashaak. Rashaak do nothing wrong,” he shrieks as there is now a wet spot on his breeches.

“It’s okay Rashaak. I won’t let them hurt you. How about you help us and I’ll help you?” Althaea smiles as the goblin smiles. “Why did you attack us?”

“Orders. Klarg told us to grab any people coming down road.”

“Who’s Klarg?”

“He is in charge.”

“What about dwarves? Have you guys captured dwarves?”

“Yes, yes, two.”

Althaea continues to gain information from the tied up Rashaak. After gleaming all the information she could about the lair she returned to the group and relayed the information she had gathered.

“How should we advance?” Elric said as he rested his hand on the pommel of his sword on his hip.

“I say we just go in and kill them all,” Krisage said with her arms crossed.

“I have a crazy idea. What if I go in as prisoner,” Althaea suggested as she petted her hidden black psudodragon, Dex.

“No that’s crazy?” Tsunade said shaking her head.

“Hear me out. You’ll be close behind on the way and when we get to the lair we’ll be able to attack from the inside and out. We just keep my binds loose.” Althaea held rope in her own hands and bound her wrists lightly.

Without any better plans being formulated they agreed with some reservations.

Rashaak led the way while holding on to a rope that held onto Althaea. He led the group over some traps and into a clearing on the edge of a mountain. As they are half way through the clearing they hear voices behind them.

A half-elf holding a goblin, a blue tiefling, and a blue dragonborn walk into the clearing. As they arrive the half-elf slits the throat of the goblin.

“Seems like we weren’t the only ones that we ambushed on the road.”