Tales of The Broken Order: Rogue Down!

With the wheel replaced and a strange omen in the party’s mind, they were on the road east. In the back of the caravan, Krisage and Tsunade are talking and getting to know each other. There was even mention of getting on a boat and sailing the high seas. Althaea kept her eye on the road ahead while Elric joined the party in the back.

Two days of travel go by with no issue. Not far from the crossroads where they would have to make the turn south Althaea spots something peculiar on the road.

“Stop the carriage, Tanner.”

Tanner pulls on the reigns as the horses footfalls clacked more slowly until they came to a stop. The quiet piece of wood were eerie. It gave Althaea a strange feeling.

“Hey,” Krisage said as she hopped out of the back, “What’s the hold up?”

“Shh, there are two dead horses in the road and they have black arrows in them,” Althaea kept her voice at a low whisper.

The four members of the party convened in the front of the carriage.

“So what do you think it is?” Elric asked as is pulled out his sword.

“I looks like it could be goblins but I can’t tell from here.” Althaea swung her hair over her shoulder as she kept her eyes on the underbrush just off the side of the road.

“Ok, so what do we do?” Tsunade held on tight to her war hammer.

After a couple minutes of deliberating, the party finally decided on a plan of action.

Krisage leaned in, “Ok, so we split up and travel just outside of the…” She stops speaking as she reaches for her back as she grunts in pain. Her eyes roll in the back of her head as she falls onto her face unconscious.

“No!” Althaea and Tsunade scream at the same time. All they could think about was the witch’s fortune.  Althaea’s first reaction was to shoot at the goblin who downed her sister. Tsunade grabbed her holy symbol to Dionysus whilst pulling out the bolt and placing her on her back. With a gasp, Krisage regains consciousness and curses under her breath.

“Keep one alive! I want a word.” Krisage shouted.

Four goblins ran out of the wood and charged the group. The shouts were loud and shrill. Long, sharp jagged, black blades were thrust in their direction as arrows came out of the trees. Elric ran through one of the goblins with his long sword silencing his cry. Althaea shot the other but it was still coming.

The Goblins were on them with rabid fury. Althaea took a sword to the shoulder but before she could retaliate, Krisage was up and stabbed the goblin in the back piercing it’s heart directly as black blood decorated the road. The other goblin charged at Elric only to be met by armor and a sword to separating it’s head from it’s shoulders.

The last goblin, seeing it’s life in danger, turned around and ran into the woods.

“I got him,” Althaea said. She raised her bow as she kept her eyes on the goblin’s leg. Through the trees and bushes she knew it was a tricky shot but knew that she could do it. It wasn’t her first time. She waited for the moment in between breaths, in between heart beats, and she let the arrow fly. She could see the rotation of the shaft as it flew through the air and embedded itself into the goblin’s lower calf and the ground. It was pinned. She smiled at her achievement as her sister ran into the woods after the goblin.

“Nice shot.” Elric rubbed the top of his head.