Tales of The Broken Order: The Witch Woman Quii

Krisage steped into the hut and had a look around. The incense was strong and attacked the group’s sense of smell. The tent was decorated in very fine rugs, the shelves on the walls were filled with rare spices, plants, and animal parts. There were also a selection of potions in the far corner next to a beautiful woman with blonde hair down all the way to her waist. She wore a fine satin dress that was tight against her body that complimented all her curves. Her eyes were silver and pierced deep into the group. On her shoulders was a pelt of a white wolf.

“Welcome, travelers. It isn’t often that three elves come walking in to my domain. My name is Quii, I am a merchant here, specializing in the rare and magical.” Quii smiled and it sent shivers down their spines.

“Hi, I’m Krisage, I hope you don’t mind me asking but why don’t you have any neighbors? It seems as if everyone else is keeping their distance.”

“That is because I am a witch. Some people like to hold their superstitions close to… heart.” Her pause was unsettling.

“Well, I was actually hoping you had some healing potions.” Althaea’s eyes were roaming the potion shelf, picking out what she wanted.

“That easy enough.”

“What about a fortune? I met a witch woman in Teems who could read the future.” Tsunade’s hands were roaming the shelves until a look from Quii stopped her.

Quii looked over the three female elves and held the pause. She swung her hair across her shoulder and seemed to glide toward a strange table. The runes on the top of the table were beyond their understanding. “If a reading is what you want, a reading is what you’ll get. Come and sit.”

Krisage, Althaea, and Tsunade all sat around this able. Quii reached under the table and pulled out a strange pouch that rattle when moved. She emptied out the contents of the pouch to reveal an array of small bones. She cupped both of her hand together and shook the bones while uttering words of magic under her breath.

The room’s temperature fell as a chill came over the group. With a clatter, the bones hit the table and seemed to have a mind of it’s own as they found their spot on the table. Her hand waved over the bones as she read them to herself.

“Hmm, very curious.”

“So are you going to tell us or are you going to keep it to yourself and be cryptic about it?”

Quii’s eyes shot up with inhuman quickness. “I do not need to finish reading these bones to know that your mouth is going to get you into big trouble, sailor.” Tsunade shank back, but only just a bit.

The witch continued reading the bones. “It seems like you will one day become more renowned than you already are. You face danger ahead. And…” She paused over the bones.

“And what?” Althaea and Krisage said at the same time.

“And one in your party will die.”