Tales of The Broken Order: Time to Hit the Road.

The tavern was quiet during the early hours of the morning. The elves, Althaea, Krisage, and Tsunade, were already awake eating breakfast, waiting for the half elf to wake up.

“So, you’ve been all over the Temeranian Sea?” Krisage was facing Tsunade.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been on the Indigo Ocean, and the Tundric. There is nothing like life on the seas and conquering the men and women of the towns,” Tsunade laughed and slapped her knee, “Now I’m just saving up to get a new ship and hire a new crew.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a pirate!” Krisage’s eyes brightened up at the prospect of traveling the high seas.

Althaea sighed as she pet and fed her black pseudodragon, Dex. He particularly enjoyed the breakfast sausage.

When Elric finally came downstairs the carriage was waiting for them outside of the Dark Horse Tavern.

“Will you get on already! I’ve been waiting for a long time,” A grumpy human man groveled.

“Our apologies, we were waiting on the half elf,” Tsunade said as she jumped into the back of the carriage with Krisage following. Althaea rolled her eyes and sat in the front with the driver and Elric. The driver mumbled under his breath as he whipped the reigns and the draft horses got to moving.

They were on the road toward the East Gate with the sun in their eyes as they traveled. The horses kept their heads down but continued forward slowly. As they were in the market district the carriage faltered and a resounded crack filled the air as one of the spokes in the rear wheel snapped causing the carriage to tip dangerously.

Upon inspection it seemed to just happen out of the blue but they couldn’t find any foul play involved, no matter how hard Elric looked. Just next to where the carriage broke down was a lone hut. It seemed like all the other merchants kept clear of this particular hut.

It was a purple hut that seemed relatively large compared to the others. The entryway was covered the hanging beads but when closer inspected they were actually bones of small animals.

“I think I’m going to take a look.” Krisage starts pushing forward.

“Fine, but i’m coming with you.” Althaea kept in close behind her sister.

“Guys, don’t leave me behind.” Tsunade went in behind them.

“Wait! Who’s gonna help me fix this?” The driver, Tanner, threw his hands in the air in frustration.

Elric shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll help.”