The Masked Blade

Tome is old and dusty. The leather is wrinkled and seems almost rotted. There are pages missing but there is important information that you can still gleam from the pages:

In the age of the Split, the Demon God, The Masked Blade, demanded dominion over our world. He took the guise of a hero in the First Age and became one of the greatest heroes in the guild but the Guildmaster did not trust him and always kept him far away.

The Masked blade knew of the Guildmaster’s distrust and took it upon himself to recruit a young hero by the name of Arazzeal. He killed the other heroes in his party and took the young dragonborn hero under his demonic wing. He corrupted the dragonborn and turned him into something powerful and twisted. Arazzeal became the first of the Masked ones. With the first of his Masks at his side he overthrew the Guild and attempted to bring forth an era of darkness.

The Great Hero, whose name was lost to time, stopped The Masked Blade with the help of his sister, Tehressa, the blind sorceress. They banished the Masked Blade to the Abyss.

In the Abyss, The Mask Blade met…

{Missing Pages}

With the power of the Three Masks they broke the chains on the Masked Blade and set their master free at the cost of the life of one of the blades. Once free on the material plane the Masked Ones planned their ascension. They took 9 youths from around the world and formed The IX (The Nine). Since then, there has always been nine. Even when one is defeated another mask takes its place. A Nine can be identified by its black mask made from a skull bone branded by a number between I and IX.

They are the agents of the Masked Blade and aim to forward his cause. Beware of the Black Masks of the IX. For in their shadow the leave behind widows and barren towns.

With the rising of The Masked Blade’s power he drew the attention of the God Killers, The Demi, Apoc and Seth Salamander. With the help of Ranus the Walking Death, and Kalv’r The Fury of the Wild, They sealed away the Masked Blade in a lost plane with his Two Masked One’s fleeing and escaping the wrath of the heroes.

Since his sealing the IX have only been reported a handful of time, only leaving behind destruction.

Saphir’s eyes widened as he finished the tome. “Holy Shit.”