Tales of The Broken Order: Overview

Welcome to the intro of The Tales of The Broken Order. I’m here to give you all the information you need to follow along with our story. I am Nelson Snow, I am your DM. The game I have made for player’s is 99% homebrew. The world is a part of a world I have already created for my novels. So there is no references for the world I have created, I have made it all and I have to constantly expand it for my players.

The only thing I took from material is the hook which is from the Lost Mines of Phandelver which comes with the lovely starter set. I was originally going to just play out the campaign but based in my world but my imagination got the better of me as my mind raced to make something original for the player, and I have. This was my first time DMing but not my first time creating.

The world is called Gaia and it is the magical reflection of Earth. Yes, our Earth, it might play out during the campaign if they ever find one of the seven lost portals, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The world is currently in an age of peace unknowingly on the brink of an Elven Civil War.

The players meet at a Tavern, because this is D&D and I love that trope, and go on an adventure from there. I will get into the story on the next post. I want to introduce you to my players and tell you who is active and who isn’t. I originally started with seven players and I am now down to a very committed four.

Tiny the Goliath Fighter: Inactive

Elric the Half-Elf Paladin: Inactive

Tsunade the Wood Elf Cleric: Inactive

Raven the Tiefling Druid played by Jennifer

Krisage Naïlo the Wood Elf Rogue played by Carissa

Altaea Naïlo the Wood Elf Ranger played by Silvia

Saphir the Dragonborn Necromancer played by Josh


My table is always open to my players coming back and also guests on occasion.

On another note, my game is about fun, even when the “rules” don’t allow it. I might start streaming if there is a want for it. I was encouraged to share this world I have made and our game, and I intend to. Thanks for coming on this journey with us! Hold on to your butts!