PC – Krisage Naïlo the Wood Elf Rogue


She spent no time leaving her castle in the Norean Forest. Her home was no longer her home since her parents were murdered right in front of her and her sister’s, Althaea’s, eyes. The sigil on the clasp of the assassin was burned into her mind. There was no way she would ever forget that symbol. She kept her father’s signet ring as a momento.

After a quick goodbye to her younger siblings, she left her home. She didn’t say farewell to Althaea, she knew her sister would stop her. Looking back to her home from the forest road, rain started to drizzle. She turned her head as she pulled her hood up. Krisage Naïlo, no more. She tossed her name away. Her new name was Kris Dawntracker.

The first night away from home was unsettling. It was a full moon and it was her first time away from home. She was in a tavern, but that wasn’t the unsettling part. What was unsettling was that she heard a voice in her head and her father’s ring wasn’t coming off.

“Krisage, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for a woman in your family to put on this ring. There was a reason only the King would wear this ring. To keep me away,” The voice was fluid and motherly.

“Who are you? Why are you in my head?” Panic filled her body like water in a glass.

“I am Selene Naïlo. Moon Queen of Noriel.”

A shiver ran down her spine as she remembered her history lessons about that dark time in her family’s history. She was a tyrant.

“You’re young,” A vision of her appeared in her room. An apparition. Her transparent body in front of Krisage. “I can work with you. I can show you things that will change your life. All I ask in return, is to live through you, once a month. to feel the wind on my face, and the dirt beneath my feet.”

“Never, I know who you are. You’ll never see the light of day if I can help it.”

Selene stared into Kriage’s eyes. She could feel a haze coming over her mind but she shook it off and pushed Selene out of her consciousness. It took almost all her will power and concentration to keep her stowed away.

The next few months took Krisage long and far, but being that she never had to manage her money before, and she was running low. She knew the scum that visited taverns, so she took to emptying their pockets before ever emptying her own.

She would use the gold she stole to send gifts to her younger brothers along with simple drawings, but she would never sign the gifts.

20 years later, she ended up in Elaria, the capital of the Silver Coast. Elaria was the Technological Capital of the world. Krisage had heard of Firearms, but it was the first time she was seeing them in person. Almost every other guard carried one on their waist. She kept away from their pockets when they were in the crowded taverns she frequented.

In her second week of Tavern hopping she stuck her hand in the wrong purse. Her hand was yanked out of the purse and she was face to face with a half-elf teen. His brown hair was slicked back and about shoulder length. His young, green eyes peered into hers.

“What do you think you were doing, elf girl?” Before anything else could happen she was out of the Tavern and running, but she was met by a group of teens dressed in all black.

“No need to run, I just want a word,” the mysterious half elf said as the doors to the tavern swung behind him.

“Please, I want no trouble. I’ll leave.” She was looking for a way out but she was surrounded.

“My name is Edge, this is my guild, and this is my city to steal from.”

Before he could get another word off, she reached into herself and touched a bit of Selene’s essence. It was the first time she ever experienced magic before. A blast of force emanated from her, knocking all the men and women on their ass. Seeing the opening, Krisage ran off but before she could get far Edge was in front of her, panting heavily.

“Wait, I mean no harm. I mean for you to join us.” His word were quick. Beating around the bush was moot at this point. “You have an innate skill, I want to help you build that. We can help each. Let me help you.” He held his hand out to her.

30 years went by. She climbed the ranks of The Bladed Edge. As the years go by she remained a constant in the guild as people came and went. every year she would send gifts to her little brothers. She missed them dearly, they had to be full grown by now. She turned over on Edge’s bed. He was now in his mid forties but still looked young and lively except for the white hair adorning his temples. The guild had grown far and wide, and flourished under their leadership.

She got dressed and went down to the main guildhall. It was hours before dawn and no one else was up. Curled by the fire was a tabaxi boy the age of twelve. His fur was reminisce of a king cheetah. The boy’s pelt was indeed majestic. His feigned sleep and innocence was a far cry from his abilities as an assassin. He was capable and reliable even at that age. He was going to be sent across the Temeranian Sea, to the west, to eliminate a target and steal a valuable gem. She didn’t have much information, the less people knew about it that better.

“Jett, I know you’re awake, I heard you come in,” Krisage sat next to the fire with Jett.

“Hi Krisage,” Jett’s voice is high and bubbly. Very kid like. What wasn’t childlike was the blood that was hiding underneath his claws. He licked his claws, relieving them of the blood underneath.

“We talked about this. Just Kris,” she smiled and tussled the boys hair. Krisage gave her attention to the boy for a few before Jett went off to bed.

The morning came and a guild meeting was in session. Different issues were brought to the table and handled with ease and haste. Edge sifted through his papers and his eyebrow shot up.

“It seems like the crowned princess of the Norean Kingdom is on her way to the Junction.” Krisage’s elf ears perk up. “Altha Naïlo”

“Althaea.” It was the first time she said that name in 50 years.

“It seems like you’re right. Anyway, I think we should send our best thieves to relieve her of her purse. Royalty usually don’t travel light.”


Edge turned his head to the side at Krisage. “Excuse me?”

“She is off limits. I have to go.” Krisage stood to leave but two of the heavy guards blocked her way. She turns around.

“You think I didn’t know who you really were, Dawntraker?” Edge was standing right in front of her with the hilt of a dagger in his hand and the blade in her gut. He pulled the blade from her gut as she fell to the floor with her hands on the wound. Blood began to pour at her feet. “We’re going to use you are bait.”

“No.” He concentration faltered and she fell into her own body. She transformed into a beautiful moon elf with platinum blonde hair and a satin blue dress. Her eyes were piercing and silver.

“This body is so young and powerful. Watch me.” Selene opened her arms and bolts of white magic shot out and hit all the men and women in the room. Edge attempted to dodge out of the way and got the bolt in his right eye, blasting it into a cloud of blood and gore.

Krisage took her body back and shouted, “NO!” She breathed heavily and ran out of the room before anyone could recover.

She panic ran to the east of town whilst everyone stared at her curiously. She heard the train whistle and she doubled her pace. Steam rose from the station as she made her way to the train. At the front desk, the receptionist stared wide eyed at the wood elf in front of her.

“Oh, uh, um, How can I assist you?”

“First Class Cabin, please.” Krisage planted all of her gold on the desk.

“Um, very well. Right away.”

The train rocked back and forth on it’s way east. Krisage took a few minutes to make sure she wasn’t followed into her room? She went to the wash basin to wash her face and she was met by a grizzly site in the mirror. The upper right part of her face, including her eye, were pale and her eye was silver. A strip of hair was platinum blonde and out of place. She tucked her hair and then fashioned an eye patch out of cloth from the room. She feared that Selene could look through her eye. It wouldn’t be long until she saw her sister again. It was a reunion that was long overdue.