NPC – Raxis Ramillian

“Students, Professors, Man and Women of The Arcane.  I am Raxis Ramillian, 2nd Wizard of the Black Order. Today we will be discussing the repercussions and effects of the Scourge that has effected Titan’s Reach for the last few millennia.

“The undead curse that plagues The Titan’s Reach comes from a very dark and specific divine magic. Through my many studies I come here with definitive proof that the God of Undeath, Fenthur, is the source of magic that drives the dead to spread. Thankfully, under the watch of the Elarian Republic and The Silver Guard that watches the wall, the scourge has been kept at bay for hundreds of years.

“The Divine Enchantment on the wall is holding strong, but I suggest that we study it and learn the mechanics of it in the event that maintenance is needed on the wall, or if a calamity of this nature is renewed upon the land. With the aide of the Arcanum Division of the Utopian Gathered, I have devised a potential plan to lift the curse of undeath on the land.

“We plan on studying the wall and the land to eventually restore the northwest of our lovely continent to its natural glory. I intend to study the webs of arcane runes that cover the wall to learn how our predecessors created such a magical marvel”

Raxis had this speech prepared for weeks. If he wanted the backing from the Lyceum and the funding from the Redbeards he needed to be convincing. Duren had teased that he had a map to a cave that lies on a rift, and it is supposedly where the wizards of the Undying War made magical artifacts. If the speech went well, he would get first pickings at the cave, backing of the Lyceum, and all the funding he would need. It was three birds with one stone.

“And with that last complicated formula, I believe we can finally rid our world of that last undying scar. Thank you.”

The applause was loud and ever-present. But there were two people in the back of the room who were not clapping. A half elf and a teifling. They looked out of place in a hall full of scholars.

As the hall began to clear and he gathered his things, the half elf and teifling stayed behind. Raxis was curious so he stayed as the rest of the hall cleared. Raxis’ eyes connected with the half elf’s and stayed that way until the it was only the three of them.

“I see a man with a purpose,” Raxis’ voice now a shadow of what it was while he was speaking. His voice was almost a whisper and seemed to slither like a snake.

“I heard you were one of the leading authorities on curses.” The half elf looked weak, as if his life was slipping away from him.

“As you heard from my lecture. I am.”

“My name is Nast, I was cursed by a Drow. I have business to attend to and I plan to stick around for it.” He hobbled over being helped along by the blue teifling.

“I can sense the curse on you like a stench. I will help you, for a favor.”

“Whatever you need?”

“Nast, are you sure?” The teifling asked.

“Yes, Raven, I am.”

“Very well, come to my office.” Raxis began to walk away.

“Wait, what favor?” Nast asked.

“I will ask it of you when I need it.”

In the office of Raxis Ramillian, Nast is laid on a table shirtless as Raven is sitting in a corner with a faded lily in her hand.

“Make sure to be still as I subdue the curse. Due to the progression of the curse I won’t be able to lift it just yet. But I will tell you the ingredients I will need for the final ritual. I will need the heart of a kobold, heart of a hag, heart of a dying warg, heart of a griffin, and the heart of a black dragon. But more about that later. What I am about to do will buy you a year. So lay still and try not to scream.”