Tips and Tricks: Have Fun

As obvious as this might seem, I have been a part of D&D groups that take thing way too seriously and act like the PHB (Player’s Hand Book) is the holy scripture (All Hail the Holy Gygax). I believe it to be quite the contrary, It is a tool that opens up a world to the player’s and the DM (Dungeon Master).

These tool that are granted by us by our masters at Wizards of the Coast should be used as guidelines to a good time. I almost always bend the rules, and sometimes break them, for a good narrative or an awesome character moment.

One of the first’s group I was a part of was very by the book and strict group. I always felt like the DM was always testing our patience and out to get us. I have this one clear memory of fighting a human beserker. I was a ranger and I was using distance to my advantage, keeping out of his range. The DM thought it would be a good idea for the berserker to pick up and throw a boulder at me. I thought, “Cool, if he hits it shouldn’t be too bad.” The DM thought that 2d20 (Equivalent to a Stone Giant’s Boulder which is 4d10) damage would suffice. He knocked me out in one hit, all because I figured how to fight smart against an enemy he threw at me. I was punished for playing smart.

On the contrary, my player’s decided they wanted chicken wings in the tavern they were staying at. Being that in those times wings were usually used only to make broth and stock (I legit researched that) it was unheard of. So hearing my player tell the barkeep how to make wings is a great moment for me. Now wherever they go they order wings and tell the bars to call the The Broken Order Wings. I love it.

The point I am trying to get across is that we are all sitting at the table to have fun. In my last session the party was coming back from having lost a party member and one of their NPC friends running away, so the party decided to hit a bar and they role played in the bar for a good hour and a half. They drank up, seduced some men, robbed some of them(that was the rouge Krisage), got into bar fights, and found their lost NPC. Sure there are battles to be fought and evils to be demolished, but heroes are people too and my players were going through that. Some DMs might have rushed the bar but not me, I feel like there was character growth and even some potential future plot lines in the simple things in life.

Make sure you’re having fun in whatever table top game you’re playing. Even if your game is serious and by the books, don’t let it stop you from stopping and smelling the Fading Lilies in game. Who knows, you might find some long forgotten treasure on the side of the road.

Roll a perception check.