PC – Raven the Tiefling Druid

Her name is forgotten to her through tragedy, however she remembers her home and people very well, along with the Drow that brought their demise. She remembers that day clearly. It is burned into her eyes like the fire that rises from them when she burns with fury.

Within the Duskmeadow Reach lies a land filled with hope and promise. People of all race and background congregate to live in peace, and find themselves within the vast meadows and woods of the elevated crag. Along the lake sat Raven. Long white hair tied neatly back in a braid that traveled down her spine to find rest in between her tucked wings. Her blue skin radiating in the light of the setting sun. Her horns wrapping around and framing her face are adorned by wild flowers and baby’s breath.

With her shoes off she traced the water with her toes making ripples in the everstill lake of the Reach. She opened her hands to cast druid craft creating a three petaled flower, each with it’s own color. Red, pink, and white. The fading lily. It was the sigil of her house. She had been practicing her magics for a couple of years, waiting for the chance to go out and test her strength.

Dark clouds coalesced on the horizon. Raven squinted her eyes to the distant storm and saw the lighting dancing along the top of the clouds. She cast druid craft once more and a ball of wind, rain, and lightning formed above her cradled hands.

“I have to go, I have to go!” She said in a panicked hurry. She jumped to her feet forgetting her shoes in the process. “This is the worst storm I’ve ever seen.”

Running into the forest she called forth the power of the wild and her grey eyes shift to gold. Her blue skin grew fur and she grows a snout. A white wolf leapt through the trees and bounded off into the woods. As Raven approached the village the smell of burning wood and flesh reach her powerful nose. Her run slowed into a stealthy walk.

“Listen to me. Run, far away, don’t come into the village. I love you. Please, you don’t need to see.” The familiar feeling of her mother’s sending spell covered her mind and sent shivers down her canine spine. Above the tree line black smoke rose from where the village should be.

Ignoring her mother’s orders, Raven ran headfirst into danger. Keeping low to the ground she knew that she was well hidden in the brush. She could smell the blood from the village, it was painful. The closer she got the more apparent the carnage. Bodies of the village men were strewn about. She crept low and kept to the tall grass as two Drow scouts walked by. Unaware of her, they kept walking as they talked.

“We had a good pull today. Even captured a couple of tieflings. Kana is pleased.”

“They should fetch their weight in silver.”

The Drow walked the perimeter of town, seemingly searching for more village people. The white wolf followed the pair and kept her distance in hopes of finding her family. The Drow walked deeper into the town and the dark elves’ numbers began to rise.

Getting closer to the center of town she could see the women and children of the village gathered together in chains. In the center of the group are two blue tieflings, as clear as day to Raven. She catches her mother’s eyes.

“(Omitted), I told you not to come. Please, leave, before they take you too.” She is bloodied and one eye is swollen shut. Sitting on a wagon amidst the crowd, a female Drow, sits comfortable. Her hair is short and she has a gnarly scar on her face. She was clearly Kana. Surrounding the prisoners were eight Drow that Raven could see.

Raven replied through the sending spell, “I’m going to free you, hold tight.” Raven turned around to run to the outskirts of town with a plan devised in her head.

“Men, grab the wolf!” The Drow sorceress shouted.

Hearing the footsteps behind her she ducked behind one of the buildings and changed back into her real form. Four of the Drow men turned the corner and came face to face with a smiling blue face. With a crash of thunder all four the the Drow were knocked across the street and fell unconscious.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING! DON’T FIGHT, RUN!” Her mother’s voice boomed through the village louder than natural.

Kana rose from her seat as the rain began to pick up. Real thunder filled the air. Raven rounded the corner with a blade of flame in her hands. In the center of the town Kana is holding a blade to Raven’s mother’s throat.

“Surrender now and I won’t slit her throat.”

“Baby, please run, be free. I love you”

With tears in her eyes, Raven knew she had no choice as she tried her voice, “I love you, I’m sorry. I’ll find you, I promise.”

Kana smiled and dragged the blade across her throat. Crimson blood mixed with the rain. Raven unfurled her wings and released a fiery cry as her eyes lit up in a white flame. The four remaining Drow attempted to jump and grab her. With a flash of light, fire flashed from Raven as the tiefling flew straight up with blinding speed, her tears lost in the rain.

Curled up in the morning haze, Raven shivered, holding herself. She knew she was somewhere in the Norian Forest, but she knew not where and she was alone. She heard a low growl as a pack of wolves began to surround her. She didn’t care what happened. She waited for her fate. *sniff sniff* She felt the cold nose push her and try to lift her head up. She obliged and was welcomed by licks to the face.

For years she roamed the lands as one of the pack. Scouting ahead and finding prey for the pack.

Nast was on his way to Ashhammer when he spotted the pack of wolves scavenging his freshly killed deer.  He strung his bow back and was preparing to let his arrow fly to save his kill. He was becoming weaker by the day and he needed everything to keep his strength up. Before he could get the Arrow off, Raven stood arms outreached protecting her pack from Nast.

“No,” was the only word that she could muster. It had been so long since she has spoken any words.

Nast raised the bow away and put the arrow back in his quiver. “I’m sorry. Look I’m putting it away. Who are you?”

She was taken aback by the words. It took her a second to think of her name. “Raven.”

“How long have you been out here?”

“Two winters have gone by but I’m not sure how long it’s been.”

A raven flew down from a tree and landed on Nast’s shoulder. “Raven meet Zero.”

Raven smiled for the first time in a long time. “Hello, Zero.”


Raven is played by Jennifer. She loves Game of Thrones and has pledged her loyalty to The King in the North. She loves her two dogs Oreo and Bella. In our satellite game she played a Tabaxi Rouge named Jett. We might get to him later. She likes long walk on the beach, sunsets, and reading (Sorry ladies and gentleman, she is taken).